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Stimplus: This unit represents the latest in electro-acupuncture. It applies the same principle as the age old Chinese therapy of acupuncture, without piercing the skin. The Stimplus detects acupoints, and then stimulates away pain electronically at the touch of a button, without needles. 6 LED indicators on the top of the unit light up, one by one and the Stimplus also emits a low pitch sound which rises the closer you are to an acupoint. It Includes ear piece to enable the unit to be used without being overheard, carrying pouch, acupuncture charts and user manual. It scores 4 stars for Features and for Ease of Use.

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Profile TENS TENS Elite
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Croc Leads Leads: MDD Leads:MDD Carbon rubber Gel Pads

All Body Clock machines are of the highest quality and comply with strict medical standards.

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