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TENS n' Tone

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TENS machine and electronic muscle stimulatorTENS n' Tone Closed

TENS n' Tone

The TENS n' Tone is a revolutionary TENS unit. Not only does it relieve pain it also stimulates muscles. This very powerful machine can use up to 8 pads. That means you can treat 4 areas at the same time, for either pain relief or muscle stimulation.

Price: $199.95

FREE Download: Easy Guide to TENS Pain Relief
FREE Download: Easy Guide to EMS
Add 12 Electrodes: $40.00 (Save $19.70)
Pre-TENS Skin Prep: $6.00 (Save $0.75)
Convenient Belt Pouch: $7.00 (Save $1.25)
Advanced TENS CD: $19.95 details...


  ease of use:

TENS for Pain ReliefEMS for Muscle Toning
Treat 4 pain areasTone 4 areas
Burst, Continuous & Modulation modesCycle, Contraction & Reciprocal modes
Ramp facility2 Contraction Timers

FREE gifts:
Easy guides to tens pain relief & EMS
Pack of 4 electrodesInstructions
LeadsSoft pouch
Bifurcated leadsAC/DC Mains Adapter
Soft pouch

Excellent device offering a combination of both the TENS and EMS units. I was going to first purchase individual machines, but after seeing the TENS'n'Tone im happy with my decision.
Lucy Baker

Intensity:0-100mA (500Ω load)TENS Modes:Continuous, Burst, Modulation
OutputConstant currentWaveform:Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangular
Pulse Width:300µs FixedPower Source:9v PP3 Battery or AC/DC adapter
Pulse Rate:1-150Hz AdjustableBattery Life:100 hours approx
Cycle Mode:On Time Adjustable 1-20 secs, Off Time Adjustable 1-20 secsWeight / Size:220g with Battery, 115 x 90 x 30mm
Reciprocal Modes:2 channels individually adjustable for 1-20 secsChannels:2 Channels
Ramp Up:0-8 secs adjustable for cycle, constant and reciprocal modes

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