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High quality TENS unit and electro acupuncture pain relief and EMS electronic muscle toning.

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Tens units and tens unit electrodes - the ultimate tens pain relief range. Starts from $19.99.
Electronic muscle stimulation or EMS with muscle stimulators ideal for medical and cosmetic toning.
Electro acupuncture pain relief with the body clock stimplus and stimplus pro and pain gone.
Tens electrodes, pads, lead wires, gels, books, CD's, etc.
Special Offers - Great deal on the Profile EMS Your comments tens wholesale and distribution

TENS Unit Questions

What are TENS units?
TENS is a highly effective method of pain control. It is short for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. TENS units provide pain relief using mild, electric pulses.

How does a TENS unit relieve pain?
The TENS unit uses mild, safe electric signals to help control pain. TENS unit electrodes are placed on or near the pain area. Soothing pulses are sent through the electrodes. The signal then passes to the nerves under the skin. TENS signals can replace the pain message. TENS also encourages the body to make natural pain killing chemicals called Endorphins and Encephalins.

What makes a Body Clock TENS unit better than the rest?
We are one of the oldest TENS pain relief companies in the world. We have an excellent reputation all over the world. Our pain relief devices are effective, easy to use and use the latest technology.

How long does TENS pain relief last?
Some benefit from their TENS unit for days after a short treatment. Some need to use their unit for longer.

Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Questions

Is Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) used for medical or cosmetic toning?
Both. Our EMS units are fully compliant with strict medical device regulations. However, they are also perfect for cosmetic toning.

How does Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?
EMS stimulates muscles using tiny electric pulses that reach the body via electrode pads. Timers on the unit rhythmically contract and relax the muscles, allowing you to tone muscles.

Will EMS work for me?
Our Electronic Muscle Stimulators are used worldwide and recommended by sports coaches, physios, doctors and other medical professionals.

Stimplus Electro Acupuncture Questions

How does the Body Clock Stimplus relieve pain?
The Stimplus is the latest in electro acupuncture. This amazing device, applies principles of traditional acupuncture, without piercing the skin. The Stimplus finds acupoints, and then stimulates away the pain. All at the touch of a button!

Will Stimplus pain relief work for me?
Stimplus pain relief is highly effective. It is used worldwide by acupuncturists, doctors and other medical professionals.

What makes the Body Clock Stimplus better than the rest?

Ease of use, reliability and great price.

How long does stimplus pain relief last?

After a short treatment, some people benefit from pain relief for days. Others prefer to treat more than once.

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Tens unit, tens, electronic muscle stimulator, electro acupuncture, electrodes
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